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Careful with That Axe,
Careful with That Axe,

Gifted unlimited rhymes universal.   


Gifted unlimited rhymes universal.  

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The people who come running to hug you after you haven’t seen them in awhile are my favorite type of people.

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having a crush should be #1 in 1000 ways to die

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  • Me: Why didn't anyone tell me I was ugly?
  • Laura: I feel like we always tell you that you're ugly.

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Spiral by Kevin Wada

Spiral by Kevin Wada

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"Labrador Retrievers are basically the white people of dogs."

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I don’t mind getting naked or seeing you naked.
I don’t mind talking about sex or having sex
or never having sex. I don’t mind my body
or your body with mine. I don’t mind
your sweaty palms, your chapped lips,
your dirty tongue. I don’t mind
your noisy music, your crappy poetry,
your soiled shoes and ugly handwriting.
I don’t mind 2ams and late night
phone calls, stolen kisses and white lies.
I don’t mind your half-eaten donut,
frozen teabags and sticky hair.
I want your toothbrush’s head
leaning towards mine. I want
your 4am back massage.
Cup my breasts and don’t say
they’re small. I already know that.
Kiss me once and kiss me more.
Pretend what we’re doing is illegal.
It’s always good to be caught
with our mouths tied together
like handcuffs. Dry your cheeks
and make me bleed.
Crave me.
Crave me.
Crave me.

- irishjulienne’s, in the name of intimacy (via talkingoutsoft)

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I already did T, so I’ll do U instead, okay? Cool.
U-Love by J Dilla
Untitled(LovedU)2 by Blu
Us and Them by Pink Floyd
Unravel by Bjork
Umi Said by Mos Def

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Hi Wendy! You would say X😑.
Xxplosive by Dr. Dre?
X-Ecutioner Style by Linkin Park
X I Y by Pinback
That’s all I got.


Take You There by Pete Rock and CL Smooth
Thank You by Led Zeppelin(Tangerine and Ten Years Gone are also up there)
Thirteen by Elliott Smith(Big Star cover)
(This is) the Dream of Evan and Chan by Dntel
Thug Passion by 2Pac


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